What is Jungo SBS?

Jungo SBS is an instant streaming service that includes live international channels. Catch up Video on Demand service is also available if you missed a previous episode. Programs are available to watch for two weeks.

Are there advertisements on Jungo SBS?

Yes, this is a live channel streaming service, so there are advertisements as broadcasted on television. There are no advertisements for the Catch up Video on Demand.

What is Catch up Video on Demand?

This is a Video on Demand service added to your live channel subscription. It helps you catch the programs you have missed for two weeks after its airdate.

How do I create an account?


On the top left corner, click on ‘Create an account now’. Fill out all of the requested information, accept the terms of use and privacy policy, and click ‘Create your account’. Then, you will need to click on the verification link sent to you via email before being able to enjoy the content!


Click on ‘Sign Up’, Fill out all of the requested information and click ‘Create My Account’. You’ll then be provided with information regarding the subscription, including a free trial. Click on Start your Free Trial. Jungo SBS will send you a verification email with a link. Visit the link provided in your email and return to the Jungo SBS app. Click on the Start your free Trial link again, and it will take you to confirm future payment information for when the trial ends. Once that is done, you will be able to enjoy the content!

How do I update my credit card or cancel my Jungo SBS subscription?

When logged in, under ‘My Account’, you can find the update payment information link or cancel my subscription. If you signed up for Jungo SBS through the iPhone, there is a manage subscription button under My Account that will take you to iTunes to manage your subscription.

Will my login for the site work on your mobile app?


Which devices can I use Jungo SBS?

Jungo SBS can be watched online, iOS Smartphones (iPhones), tablets (iPads), and Android smart phones and tablets.

How do I contact customer support?

On the bottom of the site, you can find the contact us form/page.

What happens if I cancel my subscription before the trial ends?

You won’t be charged and your account will be deactivated.

Why do you need my credit card for the trial period?

Our system is set up to automatically bill your card monthly once the trial ends.

In what countries Can I use JUNGO SBS?

Currently, Jungo SBS is currently offered in North and South America only.