Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines our practices regarding the collection, use, dissemination, and disclosure of your person information.

Collection of Information

We receive and store information you provide us including: your name, email address, address or postal code, payment method and telephone number. Upon signing up for our service, your input of such information indicates your voluntary willingness to submit such information for our collection and storage.

In addition, we also store any information you provide in the course of using our service including, but not limited to: reviews, comments, ratings, recommendation preferences, watch history, watch progress, and saved selections.

Finally, we store information around your engagement with our staff and technology service operations including, but not limited to: interactions with our support staff, emails received, transcripts of online chat, time and details of your calls, your system information used for support, your IP address, your ad viewership and usage, and other standard web and device logging information.

Use of Information

We use the information collected above to assess, administer, review, and personalize our services for your consumption, marketing, promotions, support, and payment processing. 

Sharing of Information

We share the information collected above only to specific partners that are directly relevant to servicing our customers, supporting our technology infrastructure, supporting our device applications, maintaining our data services, providing payment processing and billing operations, and providing licensed content.